Announcing launch of Peachyface: Let’s Play

May 12, 2015

Peachyface Announce Let’s Play Launch Party In London On Saturday 27th June
Peachyface is a new pop-up events company based in London offering play experiences for grown-ups, to reconnect them with the many benefits of play often left behind after childhood.

Play is found in all social animals, and is vital to social bonding, cognitive development and life satisfaction, offering huge benefits for health and well-being. It is strange then, that people marginalise play the older they get, while an increase in stress and responsibilities mean that play is more essential than ever. Peachyface events are designed to create a safe environment in which guests can unleash their dormant playful side and discover more about their unique play personality. They are hosting a launch party in London on 27th June.

The events are available to over 21s and will feature a cash bar and a host of different activities, each designed to reward different styles of play. Guests can try their hand at as many of the activities as they like, as well as creating their own games and activities spontaneously using the materials available.

Inspired by the research of esteemed behavioural scientists and psychiatrists, Peachyface encourages the exploration and discovery of different types of play. Whether with friends, with new people or alone, guests can design their own night. The events promise something for everyone, including specially designed activities and challenges, Lego, Space Hoppers and classic games, arts and crafts, rough and tumble, a chillout den and sensory corner, with many more surprises.
The launch will take place at 2pm and 7pm at The Pickle Factory, 9 The Oval, London. Tickets are just £25, with a complimentary drink on arrival.

Sarah Peachey, founder of PeachyFace, explained, “The events are a more affordable and more interactive, self-directed alternative to other pop-ups in the city. The events will create an atmosphere where people feel confident to put aside responsibilities and reconnect with their true natures. I want to help create a world where adults feel uninhibited in exploring, experimenting and doing things purely for fun.”

About Peachyface: Peachyface was created to help adults rediscover the benefits of play. Peachyface functions as a pop-up events company based in London, offering fully interactive play events, including open sessions, themed play events and private events.




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