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About Peachyface

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing” – George Bernard Shaw

Play is often described as the work of childhood. It is a fantastic tool for learning because it allows us to practice life in a safe environment. The common misconception is that as we grow older we no longer need to play.

We’re taught that play and work are opposites; in fact, play can bring work life back into balance. The pioneering play theorist Brian Sutton-Smith defined the opposite of play not as work, but as depression. Where play and work are opposing, play becomes frivolous: a reward for hard work. This concept drives us toward an unhealthy boom & bust lifestyle.

At Peachyface, we strongly believe that the real benefits of play are best achieved by integrating it into our everyday lives, rather than as a reward mechanism. It’s about approaching life as a game.

Play is as fundamental as eating, sleeping and sex. All animals play. It is an inherent behaviour which not only helps us improve our resilience, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, it also contributes significantly to our happiness and well-being.

Our work takes us in two different directions:

Business: We offer a portfolio of services, such as team building, creative workshops and away days. We can also help design and manage playful events. Our Play Gym is a unique format that combines innovation, theatre and games. 

Events: We focus on bringing adults together for playful activities and social events. Whether a fundraiser, birthday or hen party, we’ll help your group break the ice, get to know each other, challenge themselves, and have a massive heap of fun! 

Our Story

Once upon a time…


Photography: Gabriel Lovas © Peachyface

Sarah Peachey – Founder

Sarah first became passionate about the power of play in 2014, after discovering the work of Dr. Stuart Brown. Through research and observation, she recognised that play lies at the heart of our happiness, relationships and cognitive skills. Despite this, she noticed a lack of deep play amongst adults; it was being treated merely as a gimmick, or a relief from work. She therefore made it her mission to help adults integrate the richness of play into their lives.

Professional Peach

Sarah is a proud multipotentialite, splitting her time between her favourite creative ventures. Sometimes she is a freelance Innovation Project Manager, and workshop facilitator. She helps teams bring projects of varying scales to life, including leadership events, NPD, brand ideation and strategy. She’s worked with major global brands and multinationals including Aviva, Centrica, Barclays, Waitrose, General Mills, Unilever and Diageo.

Sometimes she is a professional Actor. In 2017 she joined the exciting and sweaty rep company, Merely Theatre, on their UK tour of Romeo & Juliet and Twelfth Night. She studied Shakespeare at LAMDA and Finding Your Clown with Mark Bell (The Play That Goes Wrong). She loves immersive theatre; anything that challenges and surprises the audience, transporting them through a world of imagination.

Who is “Peachy”?

Growing up with the surname ‘Peachey’ was, at times, kind of embarrassing. As she got older, she realised people took genuine delight in it. She got called anything and everything, from ‘Peach’, ‘Peachy’ and ‘Peche’, to ‘Peachy Blossom’, ‘Peachmeister’ and (of course) ‘Peachyface’.

She’s always been spirited; she finds joy in almost anything, and says “yes” when the offer of something new and exciting comes along. Daisies, otters, fancy dress, cake decorating, swimming under water, anything round and squishy are a few of her favourite things.


Combining innovation tools, theatre exercises, and games to unleash the power of play


What’s it all about?

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

What is the Play Gym™?

The Play Gym™ is a unique, high value alternative to traditional away days, team-building sessions, and events. It offers a fun, memorable time out from BAU, with a deeper exploration into innovative ways of working, collaboration and well-being. You and your team will be lead through a series of group games and exercises, based on the key principles of play. Each are designed to stretch your play muscles in different ways, just as you work different parts of your body in a fitness class at the gym.

The science of play

The human brain is made up of lots of neural pathways and they get stronger and stronger over time. This helps us make decisions quicker but means it’s harder to come up with new ideas, as we’re tied to our habitual ways of thinking. Experts believe that subjecting your brain to activities that it’s not used to can give your brain a workout. By stimulating it with the unfamiliar, we can encourage the creation of new neural networks which helps us find the unusual among the common, spark curiosity and build new thought patterns.

Play is at the foundation of all relationships and social interactions; those who play together, stay together. To make an emotional connection with someone, we have to open up to them. Play behaviours (such as humour) help us modulate these interactions safely.

Engaging your employees

The beauty of play is that it takes many forms; the variety of exercises we offer means no one is left out. There’s no cut-throat competition, no specialised skills; everything is simple, hands on and most importantly, fun. Groups are carefully facilitated, so no one can coast in the background, and no one can bulldoze their way to the front. If you have a specific challenge in mind that needs addressing, we can design a unique session to suit your needs.

Realising the power of play

We know that yours and your team’s time is precious. Experiencing the key principles of play through practical work will help you and your team build collaborative relationships, unlock your imagination, improve problem-solving and communication, embrace failure, challenge your fears, and discover your joy. The sessions are designed to deliver value in three parts:

The first, to inspire participants in the value of applied or ‘serious’ play by allowing them to experience it first hand;

The second, to arm you with tools that can easily be implemented back in the office; whether at your desk, on a break, in meetings or in workshops;

The third, to break down barriers within teams, to bring them closer together and to re-energise them with fresh ideas and better balance.

The where, how & who

We can cater for any business, at any location. We have experience running events and workshops of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a lunch-time energiser, or a full day’s training, we can fit the Play Gym™ to suit your needs.

If you have your own suitable space (with natural light, blank wall space, and capacity approx. 2 x the number of delegates), we can come to you. If you need help sourcing a venue, we can help with recommendations, or a full event management service.

We use a few simple tools and materials, which are not only cost effective, but offer a richer sensory experience. We have flexible options for any budget, and a team of talented associates to help us deliver working sessions with impact at larger scales. 



Business events and private parties

Play anywhere, with anyone

The Play Gym™ is completely flexible, so whether you’re looking for something unique, fun and interactive for your hen or stag party, a birthday, product launch or fundraiser, we can help make your event one to remember.

What’s brilliant about the Play Gym is that our range of games means there’s always something for everyone to enjoy, and makes for ideal ice breakers. Our team will bring bags of energy, boundless joy and heaps of surprises.

We can provide live entertainment and event design, through our contacts in the performing arts and design industries. If you’re looking for a full event management service, we can also help! For charitable organisations, we offer special rates, so get in touch and let us know what you need.

Ain’t no party like a Play Gym party

Events can be facilitated, where we lead your guests in some classic party games and drama exercises (often with a twist!). We can also run self-directed events, where games are set up throughout the space for guests to explore freely.

Some of our favourites include Paint Twister (messy, up close and very personal), Knightm-egg (Knightmare meets egg and spoon race) and Show Me The Monet (make your own masterpiece).

We love a bit of mess, but it’s not for everyone! We can match the right games to fit your event and venue. For bespoke events, we can design games and activities to fit your challenge, theme and audience. Our approach is smart, inventive and dynamic, to ensure we always deliver with the highest value and impact.


We love to chat about play, so whatever your workshop or event needs, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk it through!
To make an enquiry, please drop Sarah (aka “Peachy”) a line at




Through observations in his research, Dr. Stuart Brown identified that we each have a dominant play personality, of which there appeared to be 8 variations. No one fits wholly into a single personality, rather we move between different types of play depending on our environment and emotional state at any given time. The personalities are a really useful tool in helping us to navigate our way to better self-awareness and a deeper experience of play. 

Which one(s) are you?
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